How one GOP senator - Rand Paul - caused the super-short shutdown

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While Paul's performance in the Senate strained the patience of his colleagues, he focused on the same concern that caused so many House Republicans to oppose the bill - deficit spending. But it put Paul - and conservative complaints about the sweeping budget agreement negotiated this week by congressional leaders - in the spotlight.

Paul's call clearly angered Republican leaders - Sen.

"Costs on non-military lines will never come down if we do not elect more Republicans in the 2018 Election, and beyond", he said. $90 billion will go towards disaster relief for hurricane and wildfire victims. This is the second government shutdown in three weeks. He said the group's officials have been speaking with lawmakers and their staff throughout Thursday, as details of the budget package began to emerge, and discussing implications of the bill.

McConnell and his negotiating partner, Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of NY, figured they'd get that agreement.

But House budget chairman Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, noted that many Democrats voted for budgets in prior years that included sweeps to the affordable housing trust fund.

"The Club for Growth PAC is always eager to help defeat liberal Republicans and this vote is going to shed more light on who those Republicans are", he said.

They got nowhere. Neither did No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas, who at 10 p.m. EST tried and failed to get Paul's consent for votes before 1 a.m. Cornyn said Paul's objections were "wasting everybody's time" and said the Kentuckian would "effectively shut down the federal government for no real reason".

The White House will amend its upcoming budget request to take into account the higher spending levels in the deal that passed into law on Friday, a senior official in the Office of Management and Budget said. Protection for the Dreamers under former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, formally expires March 5 and there's no sign that lawmakers are making progress on an agreement to extend the program. The Democrats also want to make the immigrants eligible for citizenship or permanent residence. Trump has proposed giving 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long-promised border wall and a host of other strict immigration reforms. He wrote on Twitter Friday that "you could feel the frustration and embarrassment growing in Congress as we exposed the hypocrisy of Republicans who are joining in an unholy alliance and spending free-for-all with Democrats".

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There's no obvious compromise that could win the 60 votes from Republicans and Democrats needed to prevail in the Senate.

Democrats abandoned their opposition after three days, allowing the Senate and House to pass a temporary spending bill on January 23. The setback left party members divided.

But the protests were extinguished quickly by the realities of a Republican government led President Trump.

Senators from both parties blasted Sen.

"I wonder about the end-game of people who keep us here till one o'clock and achieve nothing", said Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican. The bill provides a framework for government spending for the next two years, blowing out budget restraints even as the Trump administration implements tax cuts passed by Congress last year.

A brief USA government shutdown ended on Friday after Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law a wide-ranging deal that is expected to push budget deficits into the $1 trillion-a-year zone.

"This Bill is a BIG VICTORY for our Military, but much waste in order to get Dem votes", he tweeted.