US' Reliance on Nukes Bringing Mankind Closer to Annihilation: Iran

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Rachel Bronson, CEO and president of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, said the Nuclear Posture Review "is a spruced-up Cold War document, responding in dated ways to current threats". The last time there was such a review was in 2010 under President Barack Obama, when traditional nuclear rivals USA and Russian Federation agreed to steadily reduce their nuclear stockpiles and the Cold War came to an end.

"It is now clear that the United States must have sufficient research, design, development and production capacity to support the sustainment and replacement of its nuclear forces".

Jim Mattis became defense secretary this past year, he arrived at the Pentagon with reservations about the US nuclear arsenal. "I'm afraid this Nuclear Posture Review will be used by other countries to ignore calls for nuclear arms reduction, and in doing so leave the world less safe".

It says Russian Federation must be persuaded it would face "unacceptably dire costs" if it were to threaten even a limited nuclear attack in Europe.

Thomas Karako, a specialist on nuclear issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said many people - including Obama - enter government sympathetic to disarmament but moderate their ambitions when confronted with threat intelligence.

Although Barack Obama began the U.S. upgrade, President Trump is vastly expanding it, but within the rules of a new nuclear treaty between Russian Federation and America that came into force today.

The strategy marks a resounding win for backers of the US nuclear enterprise and a setback for disarmament advocates.

Moscow has called the new U.S. policy "bellicose" and "anti-Russian" and warned it might take responsive measures to boost its own security.

Russia, Iran, and China have strongly criticized Washington's newly revealed policy plan to expand USA nuclear weapons capabilities in order to deter other countries.

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"Our long-term aim must continue to be a world without nuclear weapons", Gabriel said - the stated aim of USA nuclear policy under Barack Obama.

However, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has put the cost of modernizing the nuclear triad of bombers, land-based missiles and submarines through 2040 at $1.2 trillion. He stopped by a nuclear submarine base in Washington state.

Perry has also said adversaries could confuse the cruise missile the Pentagon is developing for a conventional missile.

"Any use will trigger a nuclear weapons conflict with catastrophic humanitarian consequences for civilians".

The State Department said on Monday the United States has lived up to the deal and it has "no reason to believe" Russian Federation has done otherwise.

Weaver said the most hard task for those working on the review was trying to address the gap between Russian and American non-strategic nuclear weapons.

Speaking in a televised speech from Tehran, Rohani said that "the same people who supposedly believe that using weapons of mass destruction is a crime against humanity.are talking about new weapons to threaten or use against rivals".

"Some in that room may think that we should just put our heads in the sand and ignore the threats that are being faced out there and just let Russian Federation and China and North Korea continue to do what they are doing", Wood told reporters outside the conference hall.