Padman Challenge wraps bollywood; Are you ready for it too?

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He also challenged his co-star Sonam Kapoor and today, she posted a picture on her Instagram account.

As part of the promotional strategy for his forthcoming movie, Padman and to break the taboo about openly speaking about periods and sanitary napkins (or a pad), actor Akshay Kumar has introduced the #PadManChallenge.

Muruganantham challenged Padman producer Twinkle Khanna to take a picture with a sanitary pad.

Alia Bhatt posted a picture of herself holding a sanitary pad in her hand while hanging upside down in some sort of exercise format inside of the gym.

Mumbai: Bollywood stars including superstars Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar have accpted the "PadMan Challenge" which have gone viral after A Muruganantham shared his photo holding a pad on his twitter hadndle and challenged the team of the film "Padman".

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After ice bucket and mannequin challenge, it is time for PadMan challenge which has become a trend and become viral over the internet.

Aamir nominated his contemporaries Salman and Shah Rukh besides senior Amitabh Bachchan. Thank you @akshaykumar for the challenge.

In the challenge, one has to click a photo with a sanitary pad and share it on social media and tag other people who you want to take up the challenge next. Challenge is being increased rapidly and more celebrities will take it till the film releases on 9 February as it is basically a genius and unique way of promoting the film based on it's content. The real-life PadMan a Padma Shri awardee, played a key role in creating awareness about menstrual hygiene in the interiors of the country.

The story around the "Padman", is Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social entrepreneur who invented the machine for manufacturing low-priced sanitary pads, initiated a #PadManchallenge on social media.