Elon Musk Is Selling Flamethrowers

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Musk was clearly joking about selling hats to finance the Boring Company since they are working on multi-million dollar projects and even though selling 50,000 hats is impressive, it still only amounts to $1 million.

Musk announced the flamethrower on Saturday, after weeks of teasing a possible flamethrowing product for his newest venture, The Boring Company. Costing $500, the fiery, undoubtedly cool device is now available for pre-order.

It's anyone's guess why Musk chose to produce and sell a flamethrower, but he first teased the idea last December when tweeted that after The Boring Company sells 50,000 hats, a flamethrower would be its next product. Poking fun at the fact that movie merchandise is usually targeted towards the younger demographic, Yogurt proudly claimed that kids "love" the Spaceballs flamethrower. As for what actually comes to pass, we'll just have to wait and see. However, as we recently pointed out, Teslarati reported that D.A. Wallach visited the company's tunnel and posted an Instagram video with the fully functional flamethrower in hand. It took users to an actual existing page, however, it required a password.

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Earlier this week, a subredditor managed to guess the original password - "flame" - and got access to the page that mimics the Boring Company logo. Some folks on Reddit discovered a URL "boringcompany.com/flamethrower", which landed on a password page. It was complete with a $600 flamethrower that specified, "Prototype pictured above".

A month later, Musk introduced a branded baseball hat because every business needs a little merch. Musk provided periodic updates on hat sales via Twitter. Let us know in the comment section below. The device is priced at a pretty reasonable $500 a piece, though The Boring Co. also sells an admittedly overpriced fire extinguisher for an additional $30.