Don't dream it's over: EU's message to Britain

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Speaking to after the Taoiseach's speech on the future of the EU in the European Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Wilson claimed there had been a change in tone from Dublin since Mr Varadkar replaced Enda Kenny a year ago.

It may feel like we've gone too far to turn back, but the European Commission president has said he would be "happy" for us to rejoin the EU after Brexit.

However, he continued to say that Varadkar "should be arguing, banging the table and fighting and saying look, we in Ireland are the one country who could potentially really be hurt by Brexit, can we make sure we have a proper grown up deal with the United Kingdom?". On the first part of Brexit talks, Juncker said he had the privilege to have a close working relationship with Varadkar, adding that both the EU Commission and the Irish government worked side by side to move to next phase of talks, adding that the partnership would "continue and grow stronger".

EU President Donald Tusk said this week that the bloc's "hearts are open" to Britain changing its mind.

'We are not throwing the British out, we would like the British to stay, and if they so wish, they should be allowed to do so.

Juncker told the European Union legislature on Wednesday that even if the famed Article 50 is set up to let Britain leave the bloc, there is another article that "would allow them to accede again and I would be happy to facilitate that".

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British high commissioner Alison Blake said the return should be "safe, voluntary and dignified" so that it becomes sustainable. Ali said the displacement of Rohingya people from Myanmar has soured relations between the two countries.

Mr Wilkins told Wales Online: "She's very determined and clear-sighted in that way but I think it's fair to say [from] her time in office people might not necessarily recognise that".

He noticed that Britain would remain some portion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military partnership, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and the Council of Europe human rights guard dog.

"We want to negotiate for a comprehensive free trade deal and security pact".

Britain could take part in a new model of European cooperation after Brexit but is unlikely to rejoin the EU in its current form, a senior minister said Friday.

Varadkar had addressed the parliament and had shared with the MEPs his vision for Europe - citing the North's special relationship with the European Union, banking regulations as well as corporation tax.

Twitter users said her accent was 'appalling'.