Apple Reroutes Employee Buses After Alleged Attacks With Pellet Guns

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Four charter buses carrying Apple workers and another carrying Google workers suffered damaged windows as they traveled down Interstate Highway 280 on the Peninsula on Tuesday, according to a California Highway Patrol official.

That being said, the buses of each of the tech firms are a distinct color: Google's are white, Apple's are silver and Facebook's are blue. Others think someone assaulted the bus with rocks or a BB gun, though the exact weapon is still unknown.

In response, late Tuesday night, Apple emailed employees to alert them that an untold number of shuttles would be rerouted, adding 30 to 45 minutes to riders' commute.

Now, it appears as though one or more people are targeting these commuter buses and attacking them with what Apple believes to be pellet guns.

"Due to recent incidents of broken windows along the commute route, specifically on highway 280, we're re-routing coaches for the time being", Apple wrote in a Tuesday email to employees.

"Luckily, there haven't been any injuries or accidents but we do take this very seriously because if the driver gets distracted, it could cause a major crash and we could have injuries", Montiel said.

The report quoted Montiel as saying that if someone has targeted the buses, they will be on screen soon; they can not hide themselves for so long.

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The occupied buses' windows were hit and shattered by what might have been "rubber rounds" fired from afar, according to a Mashable report. Mashable obtained the email and has verified its authenticity. At least five of the iPhone-maker's shuttles have recently had their windows smashed while in transit.

Following the incidents Apple sent an e-mail to its employees, saying that its coaches had been temporarily rerouted.

The motive of these attacks is still unclear, but this isn't the first time buses used by Silicon Valley giants have been vandalized.

Why are the buses being attacked?

We have reached out to Apple and Google and will update this article if we hear back.

"These buses transport employees for these companies so they are usually full".