Ohio Department of Health reports first child flu death of season

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The last epidemic of this size was back in 2009 with a large outbreak of the H1N1 flu, but he said it wasn't as bad as this year in terms of the number of cases and the number of patients in the hospital because of flu.

Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center is experiencing about the same number of flu-related visits to the ER as compared to a year ago, according to Starla Whaley, director of emergency services.

It says one adult between the ages of 50 to 64 died at some point between October first through December 30th.

Around this time of year, it seems like everyone is getting sick - and while that's a normal thing for flu season, the number of people getting sick and staying in the hospital this season is anything but.

"What has happened in some instances over the last week have been just spot shortages of the medication because of increased demand in some cities and in some pharmacies", he said.

The clinic is experiencing record-high patient volumes, which means people can expect longer wait times, sometimes up to four hours, said Jennifer Rohler, manager of KRMC emergency services. "Wash your hands and get your vaccination". "Last year, Mohave County experienced a similar spike in activity as this same time, and it did end up being our peak activity".

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The flu vaccine may not be very effective.

But Harding said people should still get a flu shot because even it the vaccine is off some, it can still make the symptoms less severe compared to not having the shot at all. According to the Denton County Public Health Department, officials have 2,000 vaccine doses in stock.

Area hospitals say they're at or near capacity due to an influx of patients with the flu or flu-like illnesses, but that people who need care will still be seen.

Schneider said the rise in positive flu cases could be attributed to better reporting on the physicians' part. There have been 3,854 total flu-associated hospitalizations in OH since flu season began last October.

Canada's chief public health officer says it's possible that this year's flu vaccine may have limited effectiveness against a particularly severe strain of influenza A that appears to be dominant throughout Canada. It's even more important for patients to see a doctor if they have a chronic medical condition like diabetes or heart disease or if they are young or elderly.