Attempt to kill spider starts house fire in Northern California

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A man from California attempted to kill a spider using a torch lighter on Sunday, however, things didn't go to plan and it caused a fire at his apartment.

Wisegarver told the paper that another resident used a torch-style lighter to try and kill the arachnid after spotting it in an upstairs bedroom.

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. The residents managed to put the mattress fire out, but not before it had spread to a flag collection and drapes.

A report said the fire forced the residents to evacuate and firefighters were immediately summoned to the building.

"It was a huge wolf spider", Wisegarver recalled.

Everybody was able to get out safely but Redding Fire Battalion Chief Rob Pitt said the apartment is now uninhabitable.

Firefighters from the Redding Fire Department rushed to the scene, arriving to find smoke streaming out of the second floor of the building.

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Apparently, Wisegarver said they've been thinking about moving for a while.

"We'll make it work", she told the news website.

I hate spiders as much as the next person, but if I happen to run into spiders I'm going to take my chances and step on them instead of trying to kill it with fire. Why?

They should be considered risky to humans and the bite may be very painful.

A wolf spider waits for prey outside its hiding place.

Video courtesy Mail Online.