Nvidia will partner with Uber and Volkswagen for self-driving cars development

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The company will separately work with China's Baidu Inc. and Aurora Innovation Inc., a self-driving auto startup based out San Francisco, to develop new autonomous-driving products based on its chips.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, said at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) technology conference in Las Vegas that Uber's self-driving vehicle fleet was using their technology to help its autonomous cars perceive the world and take precise decisions in a fraction of seconds. A detailed roadmap has yet to be attached to the project but first cars using the platform are expected to be commercialized in China two years from now, the companies said.

Electric versions of the iconic Volkswagen van were originally announced in 2015, while the non-electric originals ceased production in 2003. "Autonomous driving, zero tailpipe emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning".

"The complexity of autonomous driving, the complexity of the software of future cars is incredible", said Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO. "NVIDIA is a key technology provider to Uber as we bring scalable self-driving cars and trucks to market".

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech.

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Nvidia is working with more than 320 companies worldwide on other automotive applications and other current partnerships in the industry include Tesla, Baidu and Audi. The chip system is created to bring about a huge amount of computing power for self-driving applications.

Nvidia has collaborated with Uber Technologies and Volkswagen to make further gains in the autonomous vehicles segment. The company claims its silicon can perform 30 trillions of deep learning operations every second in an extremely energy-efficient manner, requiring only 30W to run.

Nvidia also unveiled its Drive IX and Drive AR kits.

Nvidia's Huang said the company is involved in some of the hottest technology areas being discussed at CES 2018, which officially opens on Tuesday.

Regardless, this is a big win for Nvidia, which is in a running gun battle with Intel to be the leader in hard part of self-driving cars: developing the AI and chips that actually drive them.