Nintendo Envision Over 20 Million Switch Sales in FY 2018

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According to the German convention, Nintendo has done a good job in its security system, but the weak point of Switch is the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip which, being well known and documented, has allowed hackers to exploit a backdoor. If the games listed by Amazon are to be announced soon, there is no doubt they will be shown at the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Curiously enough, the game has a release date of March 22nd 2018, which possibly contradicts Red Hook's claim, unless they plan on releasing the Crimson Edition following the standard edition. We are proud to award Nintendo with the titles of Shacknews Best Developer and Publisher of the Year. It seems that the developers are looking to leave no platform left unturned with their approach of making the game as accessible as possible. While the new hardware started Nintendo's 2017 rise, it was blockbuster releases from its two venerable and massively successful franchises that carried the momentum.

"Having lived through four, five different platform launches, going back to the GameCube, we are extremely fortunate to have had both a Zelda and a Mario since launch and it's definitely helped the install base", Trepanier said. Ubisoft's strategy game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the unique fighting game Arms were high on the list, and Nintendo fans haven't abandoned their 3DS systems just yet, either - Metroid: Samus Returns had stronger sales on Amazon than Assassin's Creed Origins and was just behind the surprise hit Nier: Automata.

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The Nintendo Switch placeholders on Amazon, first spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer, are somehow already available for purchase, and with Prime pre-order discounts as well. This will allow unapproved third-party developers to get their own software running on the Switch.