Extended arctic blast will keep NJ very cold through New Year's

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Stronger snow showers and lake-effect snow could be an issue for areas near the lake, according to the National Weather Service.

Forecasters said minor travel headaches could be possible in north-central Alabama Wednesday, especially during the early morning hours when temperatures will be near freezing.

Shortly after 3 p.m. the NWS office in Atlanta said brief periods of light rain and possibly sleet are most likely along and north of Interstate 20.

Dangerously cold temperatures will persist Thursday with wind chill values as low as minus 5 in the morning and a high of 16 degrees. Highs for Thursday will reach the teens, with a projected high of 19 degrees this afternoon for Indianapolis. There will be a slight reprieve on Friday when the temps get up to a whopping 31 degrees, but overall, the cold weather isn't going anywhere.

More clouds will overspread the state Friday night and temperatures will bottom out in the single digits and lower teens.

Temperatures in the Teens Tonight
Last year on Christmas we were dealing with record breaking highs and a risk for severe weather.not so much the case this year. Over the next couple of days, high pressure from Ontario, adjacent to a wayward polar vortex, will settle over New England.

As the New Year arrives this weekend, the weather service recommends dressing in layers if you have to go outside during extreme cold. "That's desert-level dry. It may seem silly to say this in winter, but keep in mind to drink plenty of water!" From Dec. 27 to January 5, record low temperatures range from negative 30 to negative 37 degrees-far lower than the coldest low temp forecast so far, which is negative 23 degrees on Dec. 31.

Temperatures will remain chilly all day after the precipitation moves out.

Click on different areas of this interactive map - which covers more than 35 towns across New Jersey as well as several places in NY and Pennsylvania - to find out how low the wind-chill values are expected to get Thursday morning.

But what can Arkansans expect with the potential snowfall that may come this weekend? Up to 1 inch of snow could fall in higher terrain.

Tuesday night, it will be partly cloudy with a low of 11, according to the weather service.