Nintendo Might Have Delayed 64GB Game Cards for Nintendo Switch

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This makes bigger games like GTA V out of the reach of Switch users as the file size for such games goes over 50GB.

While this might be a problem for the American developers of Nintendo Switch games. Nintendo has made a decision to halt the production of 64 GB memory cartridges for the Nintendo Switch.

If you've been playing third party games on the Nintendo Switch you may have run into a worrying trend already - developers forcing the player to download sizeable chunks of data before they can play.

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According to this report, Nintendo has delayed the delivery of the 64GB game cards to 2019 due to technical issues. Video games such as Splatoon 2 have managed to sell 1,292,281 units, Super Mario Odyssey has placed 1,292,281 copies and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, has managed to do the same with 1,045,438 copies. But developers who are looking to put out cross-platform releases are used to having up to 50 GB of breathing room - and a lot of players expect them to fill it. The problem for game developers working on titles that need that extra storage space is that any scheduled for roll out in 2018 that would have required 64GB physical media won't happen. Currently, several US -published games, such as DOOM, have circumvented data limits by requiring additional digital downloads for extra features.

According to the Journal, Nintendo "said the notice disappointed some software makers, especially US-based publishers that often produce data-heavy games".

Right now, Switch games are limited to using 32GB cartridges. "Those publishers may wait for the 64-gigabyte card to release those kinds of games for the Switch".