Plane slides off taxiway: 'All of a sudden, it started fishtailing'

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A JetBlue flight from Savannah skidded off the icy runway just moments after it touched down at Boston's Logan International Airport late Christmas Day.

The plane reportedly came to a stop between two taxiways.

"Pilot did a fantastic job", Chisholm said. "Everybody was applauding him at the end", said Chisholm.

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When told that emergency personnel would be responding, the pilot said, "We just need a tow".

One Savannah man aboard that flight says the passengers felt a sudden gust of wind as the plane was landing. Passengers were jostled, but none were hurt.

Firefighters helped passengers off of the plane and they were bused to the terminal. About three inches of snow had fallen at the airport earlier in the day, but the airport was open at the time of the incident. Massport officials say runways were cleared by 11:30 a.m. "We really advise stay in as much as you can and if you have to go out, take it slow and leave lots of space", said Jonathan Gulliver, the department's highway administrator, CBS News reported.