Josh Rosen Prefers Giants Over Browns In NFL Draft

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Regardless of his status on Tuesday, Rosen plans to have a "serious conversation" with his parents after the Cactus Bowl before making a decision about entering the draft, according to ESPN.

2017 rookie DeShone Kizer has done nothing to dissuade his team from selecting a player like Rosen, posting -0.18 Passing Net Expected Points per drop back this season - the worst mark among 35 quarterbacks to drop back at least 200 times in 2017.

Fielding questioning from media on Saturday in Phoenix, where the Cactus Bowl will be played, Rosen was asked whether he will play even if he does pass the protocol, given the chance of injury and his future National Football League prospects. But he did express a desire to suit up with his teammates for the game, but explained that he understood why many players chose to sit out their final college game instead. Rosen, who has eligibility remaining, has until January 15 to declare early for the draft. Some of them maybe have been put in unfortunate circumstances where they can't afford to be in school for another year. "It's an issue of how severe", Rosen told reporters.

"For them it's not an issue of if they're getting hurt, it's an issue of how severe, because most of those guys get banged up to some extent every single game", Rosen said.

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A full transcript of Rosen's remarks in that video above, starting with a joke: Maybe I like my team more than some other guys. For them, it's not an issue of if they're getting hurt, it's an issue of how severe.

"We have a very young quarterback room".

"People also have to realize that a lot of these guys have family, kids". I'm fortunate. I'm a quarterback. I mean you hope it is.