Not the final visit,' says Pakistan after Jadhav met mother and wife

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Rogue nation Pakistan, which still enjoys the MFN (Most Favoured Nation) status from India, thanks to our soft political leadership over the years, allowed Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife and mother to meet him, but through a glass wall. The video statement, where he was seen briefly recounting the so-called confession, was apparently recorded sometime before he met his family. In India, officials however downplayed the comments by the Pakistani minister, maintaining that an Indian diplomat was only accompanying Jadhav's family and it can not be construed as "consular access".

He added that media crews will be able to cover the arrival and departure of Jadhav's wife and mother at the ministry and Pakistan has agreed to honor India's request not to allow any media interaction with the visitors, the official added.

Before the meeting, the security check of the family was conducted. "We will decide about it in due course", foreign office spokesperson said.

The son of a retired police officer, Jadhav's neighbours remember him as a shy but helpful man who was good at sport and studies, according to Indian media reports.

All the information about the meeting emerged through Pakistani Foreign Ministry tweets and images.

In India, officials downplayed the comments, maintaining that the Indian diplomat was only accompanying Jadhav's family and it can not be construed as "consular access".

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Pakistan authorities say Jadhav confessed to being ordered by India's intelligence service to conduct espionage and sabotage in Baluchistan "to destabilise and wage war against Pakistan".

TV footage showed Jadhav's mother Avanti and wife Chetankul entering the ministry building's Agha Shahi Block, accompanied by India's deputy high commissioner JP Singh and a Pakistani woman official.

Earlier, Jadhav met his mother and wife at Pakistan Foreign Office in Islamabad but with a glass panel separating them. Jadhav's wife and mother greeted the media persons after arrival but refused to respond to their questions. It was not known where he had been kept before being transported to the ministry. Television footage showed a convoy of around seven vehicles escorting Jadhav's family after they arrived in the city.

The Pak Military Court had sentenced Kulbhushan to death, but the matter is pending at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which already stayed his execution.

The mother and wife of Jadhav were being provided with a meeting with him in the light of "Islamic traditions and based on purely humanitarian grounds", Faisal had said.