One in custody, no injuries after incident at Lambeau

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Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith told reporters that the suspect was sacked after an altercation with the co-worker earlier this month.

ABC affiliate WBAY said that a former employee of a company providing food services at the stadium rammed his vehicle into a auto in the parking lot, chased a victim and drove into a storage area in the stadium. Smith says when the suspect saw the co-worker Friday, he smashed into that employee's vehicle, driving it under the back of a van.

The suspect then drove his vehicle down the ramp and inside Lambeau, hitting a food service storage room inside on the field level.

Smith said the suspect found the victim sitting in his auto and then used his vehicle to hit the victim's auto.

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He was on foot when police officers arrived on the scene some five minutes after the initial 911 call and was arrested, Smith said. WBAY tweeted a photo of a minivan resting atop another vehicle in a parking lot outside the Packers' training facility. Pictures from outside the Packers' training facility showed a minivan resting atop another vehicle in the auto park.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad is at the scene.

The Packers said the incident would not affect its game planned for Saturday against the Minnesota Vikings.