Google Home Max Officially Made Available

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This, Google says, will give the speaker a balanced sound regardless of where you place it.

Before November wrapped up, a rumor suggested that Google's newest smart speaker, the Google Home Max, would launch on December 11.

The foot on the bottom comes off. That day is now here, and sure enough, you can now purchase the Google Home Max.

A top view shows off the microphones. Well, December is nearly halfway through and we're starting to see the Home Max pop up on a couple of stores.

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Google Home commands - a comprehensive guide to them all! Select the Wi-Fi network and complete the rest of the setup process. The speakers inside the device sit vertically or horizontally, has a auxiliary input jack, and a "smart sound" feature will measure the sound profile in the room and will adjust itself automatically. Also, with Chromecast built in, you can cast from your phone from many more services. So if you are looking for an advanced smart speaker with great output, Google Home Max is up for purchase now.

Music partners include YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music. Not only can we control things like temperature and lighting with a simple voice command, but we can also access those settings remotely through various apps. It costs $399, but you can get a free 12-month YouTube Music subscription if you have not used YouTube Red or Music in the past.

For the speakers, Google has packed two 4.5-inch "high-excursion" woofers and 0.7-inch tweeters that make the Max 20x more powerful than the regular Home, according to the company. You can even wirelessly pair two Maxes together for stereo sound.

This functionality includes hands-free calling to contacts in the US and Canada; personalized information for all members of the household thanks to Voice Match; hands-free shopping and adding of items to a shopping list; the ability to set and get reminders, alarms and timers; and calendar, weather, flight and traffic updates. It will also tell you the latest weather information, news headlines and sports scores.