Donald Trump wants to send man back to Moon, on to Mars

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Trump's signing ceremony for the directive included former lunar astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Harrison Schmitt and current astronaut Peggy Whitson, whose 665 days in orbit is more time in space than any other American and any other woman worldwide.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to sign his administration's first space policy directive in a White House ceremony December 11, one that will formally direct NASA to send humans back to the moon. He said the directive turns the focus of the nation's space program to "human exploration and discovery".

In a release noting highlights of the administration's space policy, the White House said Trump would "create incentives for private industry" to assist in pursuing its goals of exploration and the development of new technology.

"The moon will be a stepping-stone, a training ground, a venue to strengthen our commercial and worldwide partnerships as we refocus America's space program toward human space exploration".

Space Policy Directive 1 makes official a recommendation approved by the NSC in October. "This time we will not only plan on flag and leave our footprint". "It marks an important step in returning American astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972, for long-term exploration and use". They also said the country isn't the accepted leader in human space exploration any longer, but "should be a leader in space". NASA said it would include funding for the new policy in its 2019 budget.

President George W. Bush ordered a moon base to be built and for humans to live there for extended periods.

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"Forty-five years ago today, NASA's final Apollo mission landed on the surface of the moon".

Only 12 men have set foot on the Moon - all have been Americans.

Instead, Obama had said that the USA should send astronauts to an asteroid.

"Imagine the possibilities waiting in those big, lovely stars if we dare to dream big, and that's what our country is doing again".

"We will engage the best and brightest across government and private industry and our partners across the world to reach new milestones in human achievement".