Anthony Rapp 'Gratified' by Response to Kevin Spacey Allegations

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The Hollywood Reporter said Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos had announced that production on the popular political drama - put on hold in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment made against Spacey - would resume. Spacey was sacked from his role following a series of allegations of sexual misconduct. Sarandos also outlines a simple plan to save the future of one of the first series major Netflix: season 6 will be the last, will be less episodes than the others (8 to 13 usually) and the main character of the series will be more Frank, but Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

At this time, scripts are still being produced before the show kicks back into production but the leading theory is that Spacey's character, disgraced president Frank Underwood, will be written off the show with some sort of off screen death.

"We are excited to bring closure to fans", he said, acknowledging the work of the production crew whose jobs have been up in the air after multiple people accused Spacey of sexual assault.

When the news of Kevin's firing hit the mainstream press, Rapp wrote on Twitter that he was "very gratified" to learn that the people who worked on House Of Cards can continue their work.

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The decision, now made official, had been rumored for some time Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp went public with allegations of unwanted sexual assault from Spacey on October 29. The final season will not include Spacey, as previously announced.

On Nov. 26, Media Rights Capital announced that it had extended its production hiatus for another two weeks until December 8.

A source familiar with the decision told CNN Monday that Netflix had chose to restart production without Spacey. This will be a season of eight episodes which will go into production in early 2018, and Kevin Spacey will not be involved.

House of Cards was Netflix's first original series order.