The White House wants to ban cell phones, citing security risk

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The White House is weighing whether to ban employees from using their own mobile phones at work, Bloomberg News reported Monday, citing seven Trump administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The White House did not immediately respond to inquiries. White House issued phones cannot send texts, which are usually the fastest way that a staff member can communicate with his family at home.

The White House already takes certain precautions with personal devices, requiring that they be left outside of the room when classified material is being discussed.

The Trump administration is considering a ban of personal cell phones used by staffers over concerns of cyber security.

According to the Bloomberg report, some anonymous administration officials described the ban as primarily motivated by "cybersecurity concerns", since the personal devices are not under the control of the White House and likely introduce vulnerabilities to the facility's wireless network.

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The purported proposal isn't final, and neither are important details like when to impose the ban, and if all executive office staff would have to comply.

In October, Politico reported that White House officials believed the personal mobile phone of chief of staff John Kelly had been compromised for months, raising the prospect that foreign adversaries may have gained access to data on the device.

Cell phones issued by the White House can not send text messages, and the computer network denies access to Gmail, Google Hangouts and other websites. Trump is very concerned about leaks and people tapping on their phones when they should be listening to his pearls of wisdom.

Staffers were also instructed not to use their personal or regular work mobile phones during President Donald Trump's trip to China earlier this month.