What is net neutrality? Why does it matter?

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In an effort to combat the "mountain of lies" FCC chair Ajit Pai has deployed to justify his newly released plan to kill net neutrality, Democratic FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn unveiled a fact sheet (pdf) on Wednesday aimed at helping Americans understand that Pai's proposals are "worse than one could imagine" and highlighting their life-or-death implications for the open internet.

The proposal also would shift enforcement of the internet's new rules to the Federal Trade Commission, which can sue companies for violating the commitments or statements they have made to the public. In May, some of the people who were impersonated by anti-net neutrality spammers asked the Federal Communications Commission to notify other victims of the impersonation and remove fraudulent comments from the net neutrality docket.

He could not immediately say whether that operation was based in the U.S. or elsewhere, but called Schneiderman's investigation a witch hunt.

Net neutrality is the concept that all internet traffic should be treated equally, no matter what internet service provider is carrying it. "Impersonation and other misuse of a person's identity violates NY law, so my office launched an investigation".

We contacted Pai's office about Schneiderman's allegations today and will update this story if we get a response.

The FCC will vote on the order at its meeting on December 14.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled his controversial plan Tuesday to repeal Obama-era protections meant to keep the internet open and fair.

There are an additional 50,000 the comments the FCC has failed to enter into the record, she added.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio also weighed in on the plan. The proposed rollback of Net Neutrality rules makes no sense.

A FoIA request from Ars was denied by the FCC due to "an ongoing investigation".

Fake comments have appeared from both sides of the argument, including many originating from the Pornhub.com email domain, according to a National Legal and Policy Center analysis.

The investigation was launched six months ago, after researchers and reporters learned that the comment process, which is integral to the agency's procedure for determining such rule changes, was being usurped by fraudsters who submitted an enormous number of fake comments, Schneiderman said Tuesday in an open letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

"The movement for net neutrality has shown that when everyday Americans organize, speak up, and stand up for their rights, we can disrupt the Washington status quo, where corporate special interests buy their preferred policies behind closed doors at little-known agencies like the FCC".

"We all have a powerful reason to hold accountable those who would steal Americans' identities and assault the public's right to be heard in government rulemaking", he continued.

"In an era where foreign governments have indisputably tried to use the internet and social media to influence our elections, federal and state governments should be working together to ensure that malevolent actors can not subvert our administrative agencies' decision-making processes", he wrote.

"This investigation isn't about the substantive issues concerning net neutrality", said Schneiderman, who noted that he is in favor of preserving it. It's about the right to control one's own identity and prevent the corruption of a process created to solicit the opinion of real people and institutions.

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