Russell Simmons Denies Model's Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

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She fought off the attempt at sexual intercourse, but Simmons coerced her into oral sex. Simmons said "everything that occurred between Keri and me" was consensual.

"I looked over at Brett and said 'help me, '" Khalighi told the Los Angeles Times. "In that moment, the realisation fell on me that they were in it together". Model Keri Claussen Khalighi has alleged that when she a 17-year-old up-and-coming model in 1991, Simmons sexually assaulted her while Ratner did nothing to stop it. Simmons joined her in the shower and briefly penetrated her before she managed to fend him off.

In a statement to the newspaper, Simmons said all of his interactions with Khalighi were consensual, saying "I'm deeply saddened and truly shocked to learn of Keri's assertions as to what happened over the course of that weekend".

Tanya Reid also shared a story about Simmons and Ratner. I mean no disrespect to her at all when I say I honestly do not recall my telephone conversation with a hotel front desk clerk from over a quarter-century ago. She said she jerked away, then he left. "I remember this very, very clearly, the exact words he said on the phone". The statement went on to say, "at some point I observed Keri and Russell going upstairs to Russell's bedroom on that Saturday afternoon".

The model says she told three friends of the encounter, and the friends corroborated her account to The Times. Simmons' attorney provided two anonymous statements claiming that Khalighi didn't show signs of distress that weekend.

Khalighi said she met Simmons and Ratner at a casting call before accompanying them to dinner one night.

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The report notes that the Beverly Hills Police Department initiated an investigation into possible sexual battery involving a 29 year-old, with both Simmons and Brett Ratner cited as suspects. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office did not file criminal charges due to insufficient evidence.

Russell Simmons has become the first black man to be accused of sexual misconduct amid the recent slew of scandals rocking Hollywood.

Statement of Russell Simmons in Response to LA Times Article.

Feeling "disgusting", Khalighi said she went to take a shower.

The actor Terry Crews, who recently filed a police report about an incident a year ago when he was allegedly groped by a high-level Hollywood talent agent, shared a screenshot of an email he allegedly received from Simmons, who advised Crews to "give the agent a pass".

Meanwhile, hours after Khalighi's story surfaced, actor Terry Crews who was sexually assaulted by an Hollywood agent in the presence of his wife called out Simmons for telling him to forgive his abuser.