Elon Musk's Tesla unveils its first electric lorry

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Last night Tesla unveiled the new Roadster, which will arrive in 2020. The new Roadster - a revamp of the original Tesla roadster launched in 2008 - can travel 620 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 250 miles an hour.

As well as the unveiling of the long-awaited articulated lorry project, the company also had a surprise in its back pocket - namely a new version of its Roadster sports auto.

The Tesla Semi checks a lot of boxes in terms of addressing bottom line considerations, offering 500 miles of range to avoid too much compromise vs. diesel truck travel capability, and providing a way for a company to decrease its net Carbon dioxide emissions without having to undertake expensive endeavors like sponsoring the construction of renewable power plants. "A diesel truck will be 20 percent more expensive than a Tesla truck per mile", said Musk.

"When we take off, if we're at full power, we'll go Plaid, we'll go Plaid", says the Tesla employee giving the Roadster test ride.

All Tesla Semi models come with Enhanced Autopilot to help avoid collisions, plus its centred driver position ensures maximum visibility and control, and a low centre of gravity prevents rollovers.

Tesla this month pushed back its target for volume production on the Model 3 saloon - widely seen as crucial to the company's long-term future - by about three months to fix production bottlenecks.

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The Semi is expected to go into production in 2019. Most recent yet, Walmart has placed an order for five electric trucks for the USA and 10 for Canada.

The vehicle can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds. They can also be charged overnight.

It is not clear yet what the final price of the truck will be. Speeds can reach up to 104 kmph, which is more than what the diesel trucks achieve, while the battery range is around just above 800 km at highway speeds. And charging even a mid-sized truck would likely require a two-hour stop, cutting into companies' efficiency and profits, says Brian Irwin, managing director of the North American industrial group for the consulting firm Accenture.

"These are business people, not fans, and they will need convinced that this truck is better for their balance sheet than existing technology".

The semi's drive systems are guaranteed to last for 1 million miles, Tesla said.