Adam Silver contacted by National Football League owner about replacing Roger Goodell

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Jones can back off now, grumbling about Goodell and Ezekiel Elliott and Papa John's stock price and ungrateful players daring to shine a public light on racial injustice and inequality, or he can go full Al Davis and start battling in court on multiple fronts, if need be.

Goodell's contract expires at the end of the 2018 season.

Things got weird when Jones, who is not actually on the NFL's compensation committee, reportedly hijacked a conference call and explained why Goodell was making too much money.

Now, per the Journal, the NFL has sent a letter to Jones's attorney calling his behavior "detrimental to the league's best interests". Jones is suspected of sharing outdated documents about negotiations with Goodell to other owners.

In May, Jones voted in favor of extending Goodell's contract.

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Goodell's contract was considered a fait accompli as recently as just a few months ago; Jones even signed off on the deal.

In addition to the Elliott suspension, Jones doesn't like how the commissioner handled the anthem protests and the falling television ratings. Pro Football Talk reported Sunday that owners have discussed the idea of expelling Jones from the league. The special meeting was rebuffed, but the league will allow Jones to raise his concerns at an already scheduled meeting on December 13 in Irving.

On his Tuesday radio show, Jones said "well over half" of the owners agreed with his stance of conducting a final vote after the compensation committee finishes the negotiating with Goodell.

What Jones wants to make clear is that his focus is what's best for the NFL.

Some owners are urging league leaders to consider possible disciplinary action against Jones for conduct detrimental to the NFL, people familiar with the situation said earlier this week. "I love this league and I love this game". And they've been in it nearly as long as I have. "I'm sorry we're in this state of mind as a country, but if your looking for a racist Jerry Jones is not that guy".