YouTube App Causing Battery Drain On iOS 11

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Wireless iPhone charging is about to narrow the performance gap with wired charging, with iOS 11.2 set to speed up the tech on the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Updating your phone isn't enough to boost your charging speed, however.

While 7.5 watts is still half the wireless charging speed supported by Qi 1.2, it should be a noticeable improvement for users.

When it comes to Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, it feels like in many respects, the company is catching up to features that have always been featured on Android devices.

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Wireless charging on the latest iPhone is convenient, but it hasn't been very fast. Right now, Apple sells two third-party wireless charging pads that are capable of hitting that 7.5-watt charging rate.

Faster charging is pretty much always a plus, especially when it comes to wireless charging.

With that being said, there are a number of cheap Qi-compatible chargers already on the market that support 5W charging on the iPhone 8 family and iPhone X including the $15.99 CHOETECH T511 charging pad. That requires a compatible smartphone, of course, and not all charging pads are compliant with that maximum rate. Needless to say this charges their batteries faster and is overall a user-friendly trait that Apple will likely catch up on sometime in the future provided that the hardware inside the all-new trio of 2017 iPhones allows it.