Meek Mill's Sentence May Have a Dark, Corrupt Backstory

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The hip-hop community rallied behind the 30 year-old Wins and Losses rapper, and decried what they feel is an egregious decision tied to a gun and drug case from 2008.

Since the news broke the Hip-Hop world has shown its support for Meek Mill, with artists releasing messages on social media.

Popular rapper Meek Mill sits behind bars in the Philadelphia suburbs after a judge sentenced him to two to four years for violating probation in a almost decade-old gun and drug case.

A Philly judge sentenced the popular rapper to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating probation in the almost decade-old case. You gave me the ladder to do what I have to do to prevail in my struggle.

Meek's mugshot was reportedly taken at the state prison in Graterford, Montgomery County, PA.

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"She's enamored with him", Tacopina said. The ferocity of Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley's sentence shocked many based on the minor nature of Mill's crimes and numerous probation officers, attorneys, and other legal authorities from Mill's native Philadelphia recommending no jail-time. Yesterday, one of his lawyers, Joe Tacopina, accused Meek's judge of "inappropriate" acts.

In addition to that whole Boyz II Men thing, Tacopina says Brinkley is "infatuated" with his client.

"I'm human. I'm not flawless", Mill said to Brinkley in court on Monday, according to a report from

Brinkley said the prosecutor was too new to the case to understand how Mill just "does what he wants". On Wednesday, Gabriel Roberts, a spokesman for the Philadelphia court system, issued a statement on her behalf saying, "because this matter is subject to future litigation, there will be no comment at this time".

Meek was arrested twice this year for an assault and reckless driving, which contributed to his lengthy sentencing - despite both charges being dropped. She also cited him and his managers for repeatedly scheduling concerts after her August 17 order barring performances outside Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. "I'm asking for mercy".