Woman photographed flipping off Donald Trump fired over 'obscene' display

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After leaving his Virginia golf club and before passing Briskman, Trump's motorcade passed a pedestrian who gave a vigorous thumbs-down gesture.

Briskman says she was promptly fired from the government contracting firm and escorted out for violating the "code of conduct policy". He pulled ads for open for open enrollment in Obamacare. "Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power.' I'm thinking, 'he's at the damn golf course again'".

"I'm considering, DACA beneficiaries are getting kicked out".

A photo of a woman giving President Donald Trump's motorcade the middle finger went viral more than a week ago.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Juli explained that her decision to come clean resulted in her dismissal, saying: "They said, "We're separating from you"".

"How is that any less "obscene" than me flipping off the president?" she asked.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her former employer, Akima LLC, is a government construction engineering contractor, and isn't too anxious about the current administration's reaction to an employee calling someone a "libtard".

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To add insult to injury, Briskman told the Post that she was in charge of the firm's social media presence and she had recently flagged an employee's social media use. The anonymous bicyclist became an internet hero in anti-Trump circles, but those 15 minutes of fame have now cost the woman her job.

Three days later they told Briskman, a marketing officer, she had to go.

She said: "I'm angry about where our country is right now".

But obscenity in a private dispute with an unknown liberal on the internet is very different from insulting the President when you're a government contractor whose entire livelihood depends on building good relationships with whoever's now in charge of the government-in this case, Donald Trump.

Then, as the motorcade stopped, bisecting her usual route, she changed her route, and punctuated the final insult with another one-fingered salute. The company's Bloomberg profile says that Akima is led by CEO Bill Monet. "This was an opportunity for me to say something".

Ms Briskman, who said she had been in touch with the American Civil Liberties Union about the case, said she was not wearing anything which linked her to the company while on her cycling trip. The self-identified Democrat said she plans to look for a job with left-wing advocacy groups such as PETA and Planned Parenthood.