Do not forget to check and change detector batteries

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Keep in mind to set back your clocks, cell phones, and computers. On the flip side, the spring time change, when we lose an hour of sleep, can be hazardous to health.

It's time to make like Cher and turn back time.

A second petition was started earlier this year and collected close to five-thousand signatures.

"Daylight saving time is the ideal time to ensure your home's smoke alarms are working".

"If you have a traditional nine-volt battery, we recommend that you change the battery twice a year", said Bath Township Fire Chief Joe Kitchen.

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Working smoke alarms are required on every storey of a home and outside every sleeping area.

South Dakota's fire marshal says there are two things South Dakotans need to do this weekend: reset their clocks and check their smoke alarms.

If you don't have a smoke alarm, you can apply for a free one!

Alarms should never be disconnected and batteries should never be removed. Replace the entire alarm if it's more than 10 years old or doesn't work properly when tested. Taking these precautionary measures, as well as creating and practicing a home escape plan, are some of the important steps New Yorkers can take to protect their homes and families.