Overwatch's new healer Moira will do anything for science

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Blizzard has revealed Overwatch's 26th hero, the talented and ambitious Talon geneticist, Moira O'Deorain. One of the first things that the company chose to unveil was not only a new Overwatch map and animated short, but they showed off a new hero as well. Able to alter DNA at a cellular level, it looked like one of the best steps to stamping out diseases and disorders that had ever been researched, but her peers weren't happy with the findings. Blizard has already launched the hero page for Moira which details her skills. Her left hand expels biotic energy that can heal her allies, while her right hand shoots out energy that can damage enemies. However, Blizzard did joke that she is an incredibly powerful character that the team is eager to see implemented into the game.

The official Overwatch website also lists her background story for those that are interested in it. Today's new animated short is no different, giving fans perspective on what made Reinhardt who he is today. Her ability to heal will be resource based, and it will be fueled by the amount of damage that she does.

Much like Reaper, however, she also has her Fade ability, which allows her to teleport across a short distance.

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The next new hero is Moira, a highly mobile support healer that can dish out a load of damage. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, lets her unleash a beam that will heal any allies caught in it, or deal damage to any foes caught inside of it.

Overwatch is celebrating the entirety of Blizzard Entertainment with a new theme park map as well as introducing a brand new hybrid support hero.