insurance marketplace opens with little fanfare

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He says people who already hold insurance from the Affordable Care Act's exchanges should visit the federal website, anyway, between now and December 15 to look for a better deal.

Because President Donald Trump cut funding that had kept silver plan deductibles and copays low for lower income buyers, insurance companies raised silver plan premiums.

The Marketplace typically covers home-based businesspeople, contract employees, early retirees and those who can't otherwise get coverage from a spouse.

If you're planning to enroll in a marketplace Obamacare plan for 2018, be ready for a shorter sign-up period, higher premiums and other changes. Some 80 percent of enrollees will be able to find a policy for $75 a month or less - up from 71 percent this year and the highest share so far.

Those who are already enrolled in an ACA plan will be automatically re-enrolled, said Tolbert.

"I'm concerned that (the law) is going to go away or the premiums are going to be very high and we are going to be priced out", he said. Almost 2,000 Dane County residents have benefited from this program.

Shelli Quenga leads South Carolina's navigator program under the Palmetto Project, which previously served all 46 counties in the state. Rural areas will feel the brunt. This year, it's especially important to shop around - and choose an insurance plan yourself, so the marketplace doesn't automatically assign you to one. "Our state is mostly rural, so that means traveling great distances between small numbers of people, and it's just not cost-effective to do that when you also only have six weeks".

Hospital receives 'A' rating for patient safety
Of the 46 hospitals in the state participating in the survey, 19 received the top grade. Just one received a "B", one a "C", three a "D" and two an "F".

City, state and nonprofit groups all said they plan to tackle this problem head-on with grassroots and digital campaigns to help ensure that eligible New Yorkers will be informed and covered.

And the emails that were sent, according to the Post, were stripped of perhaps their most convincing element, determined by the Obama administration through extensive research: cost savings.

Republicans in Congress hope to turn back to repeal legislation next year.

Alaska is one of the few states offering good news for consumers: a drop in premiums.

"We believe that no matter what your politics are, you should have access to this information and the health care you need", Katherine Dorey, a spokeswoman for the agency, told CNN's COVER/LINE in an email. Accordingly, most insurers set premiums for 2018 as if CSRs would not be available, hence the large increases.

Almost 150,000 people bought private plans past year through private plans through the state exchange and others bought directly from insurers.