Rose McGowan makes first public remarks since accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape

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Actress Rose McGowan says she was offered $1 million to sign a nondisclosure agreement late last month, just days before The New York Times published its ground-shaking article chronicling allegations of decades of Weinstein's sexual harassment, according to a new Times report.

During her remarks, McGowan called for more diversity in the entertainment industry and also described the danger of having so many men-especially men like Weinstein-making the decisions that impact women's careers, livelihoods, and identities. During her speech, she said she had been "silenced for twenty years" and had been "slut-shamed, harassed and maligned".

The "Charmed" star - says she was offered the hefty amount by someone close to the filmmaker and whilst she initially upped it to $6 million as a counter offer, she chose to retract that offer after all.

After the alleged incident, McGowan spoke to a female attorney who "had told her that because she had done nudity in movies that no jury would believe her and that it would turn into a he said/she said case", Rodriguez said. He died eight years ago.

The "Charmed" actress has claimed she was raped by the disgraced movie mogul and after more than 60 allegations of sexual misconduct against him were reported in recent weeks, the producer was sacked from his own The Weinstein Company and split from his wife, Georgina Chapman. She received the offer before the first story ran regarding Weinstein's past involving sexual harassment.

Weinstein, 65, has "unequivocally denied" allegations of non-consensual sex and is suing TWC for access to his company emails in order to defend himself. "And you know what, I'm just like you".

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Ms. McGowan who was previously working on a memoir called courageous, and she had in the past about an alleged 1997 hotel room incident with Harvey Weinstein and also hinted at in the public.

"What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in society and it can not stand and it will not stand", she said.

Hollywood may seem like it's an isolated thing, but it's not.

That deal was not an admission of guilt but rather created to avert litigation and "buy peace", said the Times, which said it had seen the document.

McGowan is one of dozens of women claiming sexual assault against the former Miramax boss.

"Ew, gross, you're disgusting, I don't want your money, that would make me feel disgusting."