"Bored" 10-Year-Old Led Cops On Wild Chase

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That's when the Ohio State Highway Patrol took over. She went after him and then called the police for back up when she realized that she couldn't get him to pull over herself.

At one point, the child avoids running over a spike strip by driving on the grass on the side of the road.

"Can you advise on intentional contact to stop him?" a trooper said through the radio, via dash cam footage.

Earlier this month, he was spotted in his mother's auto on Interstate 90.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol dash camera video caught showed the boy driving the auto the wrong way down the Ohio Turnpike, even driving into a ditch to avoid metal spikes an officer laid on the road.

Officers quickly swarm the vehicle yelling at the kid to roll the window down.

Details are light, but a 10-year-old boy in OH just led a series of local and state police on the joy ride of a lifetime. She also told troopers that the child took a family member's auto earlier this month and went on a joyride. When it was all over, the chase stretched 50 miles from where it began in Cleveland.

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The boy's unauthorized ride started at about 8:30 a.m.as he was waiting for his sister to take him to school. Then he made it to the Ohio Turnpike.

The 10-year-old stole his mother's Dodge Charger just last week and drove it around Cleveland.

When police approached the vehicle, the boy initially declined to let police into the auto and once police were in the vehicle he allegedly spit on and hit an officer.

No charges have been filed.

Christopher Hampton, the child's father, told News 5 his son stole the auto the second time because he got away with it the first time.

Shocked drivers even called to report seeing a small boy behind the wheel.

Finally, after trying to re-enter the road, the boy and his borrowed auto were unable to make it out of the ditch that had just proven so useful to his roadway theatrics.