Nuclear war may break out any time, warns North Korea

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Last week, Donald Trump, in a series of tweets, said that America's diplomacy with regard to North Korea has failed and that "only one thing will work", triggering speculations that the US President was preparing to launch a military assault on North Korea.

He said: "Threat from North Korea has heightened to levels never seen before".

The caution was contained in a copy of North Korean Deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong's prepared remarks for a discussion on nuclear weapons by a UN General Assembly committee.

The US hasn't ruled out direct talks with North Korea following talks with its ally Japan. He added that it is North Korea's prerogative to possess nuclear weapons, as it is the matter of their self-defense.

If elements within the Trump administration are at odds, the messages coming out of Europe are also confusing.

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As part of the new sanctions, North Korean workers in the European Union will not have their work permits renewed when they expire, except for refugees and those needing global protection. Britain's Foreign Secretary said that North Korea's nuclear program should be halted by diplomacy.

"The president has also made clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically". In an interview with Bloomberg, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict between the US and North Korea is essential.

Among those most closely threatened by North Korea is the US territory of Guam. "And that gave them enough time to develop a strategic threat".

Earlier this year, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme leader of North Korea stated that the country has evolved itself as a fully fledged nuclear power, with atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, and inter continent ballistic missiles in their arsenal.