Google Photos can now identify your pets

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Google has updated the Google Photos app which now has a new feature which can recognise your pets.

This means you no longer have to type "dog" or "cat" into Google Photos' search function. Through Google Photos, pictures of pets can automatically be tagged as either dog or cat and organized accordingly. You can then label them by name already so you can easily find photos of them and also photos of you and them.

The company says it is rolling out the new feature in "most countries".

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"If you have a number of pets that are the same breed and look quite similar - such as a few yellow labs - you might need to help Google Photos by removing photos of a mis-grouped pet, so the app can tell Lassie from Fido", a Google spokeswoman told CNN Tech. Before, you'd have to manually search out pet photos or try to remember specific dates or locations. Recently, it was reported that developers have found a way to get unlimited storage of full-resolution images from Google Photos, even for those who do not own a Pixel smartphone. The app shows them cat pictures and various other pictures instead of what they are searching in the app.

"We hope these features help you better celebrate your four-legged family members in all of their paw-some-ness", Google Photos software engineer Lily Kharevych wrote. Some of them are impressed with the results as well. Now, Google has just posted an update on its blog post detailing the new feature.

Google Photos is one of the most simple and widely used photos and gallery app for Android users across the globe.