Facebook Buys Teen Compliment App tbh Made by Midnight Labs LLC

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The app works by letting users create surveys and send them anonymously to their friends, such as "Who is most likely to be president?"

Sounds like a win-win situation for Facebook and TBH.

According to TechCrunch's sources, Facebook paid less than United States dollars 100 million for the company. The users of this app have shared over 1 Billion messages already which shows the success of this app. Facebook somehow came to know about this app and acquired the app.

"When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared numerous same core values about connecting people through positive interactions".

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These facilities are now connected to Facebook in both its original website as well as the mobile app versions of Android and iOS. Facebook also teamed up with restaurant chains like Papa John's, Five Guys and Panera, the company said.

It is unclear how Facebook intends to profit from the new app, which now has no monetization scheme in place.

Facebook on Tuesday confirmed the purchase, announced on TBH's blog, but did not say how much it paid. Once confirmed, you will be able to share the poll between your friends and other users of this app.

Users can also set up their own polls but to curtail foul play these must be approved by the app team prior to publication, with an inherent emphasis on positivity in stark contrast to the often negative tone of content posted on Facebook itself. To prevent bullying, issues resolved with a positive bias, for example: "Who better to call for a party" or "someone in the class the best smile?" The company is very impressed with tbh as it is doing the same through polling and messaging, using Facebook's resources tbh can expand and build positive experiences, according to Facebook. If we talk about the last month, the app hit the top charts on Apple's App Store for most number of downloads.

They were compelled to sell the company after determining the ways the social media giant could help them. tbh stated Facebook would help realize their vision and give exposure to more people. The app is designed for the teenagers of 13 and above.