Black Panther Trailer Breakdown: 20 Things You Need To See

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At the very least, the voices presented now are more diverse than in MCU past. Killmonger is played by Michael B. Jordan, reunited with his "Creed" and "Fruitvale Station" director Ryan Coogler in their first big budget superhero movie.

The trailer is packed with eye candy and action: many shots of colorful, futuristic Wakanda, and a vehicle chase that has Panther vaulting from an exploding auto, scrambling up a skyscraper and using his Vibranium claws to rip off a moving SUV's wheel. I think they might need to find something other than cars for Black Panther to damage. The look of the Earth-based Marvel films is my least favorite part of the MCU - we won't be seeing many images from Avengers: Age of Ultron on One Perfect Shot anytime soon - but Black Panther looks to have remedied the MCU's drab aesthetic. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda, the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakanadan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war. Anyone who watched his performance in the James Brown biopic, Get on Up, knows this man has talent to spare.

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We also see Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger, and Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue / Klaw. Seems like between Captain America: Civil War and this trailer, he does a lot of ride hopping. T'Challa is on a mission to defend Wakanda, the fictional African nation of which he is the king in the Black Panther comics. Can February 2018 just get here already? The rest of the trailer depicts its new king T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) as he becomes Black Panther, donning the character's high-tech black bodysuit for challenges including walking up a skyscraper, removing an SUV's wheel by hand and deflecting machine gun fire.