Mobile puts a cap on high-speed data roaming in Canada, Mexico

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The carrier did state that "less than 1% of people" on the plan used over 5GB a month when traveling. That's thanks to the company's Mobile Without Borders perk, which was implemented in 2015.

As reported by Gizmodo, T-Mobile began offering unlimited data as a response to its competitors, when they refused to do it.

The change affects all customers on T-Mobile One, Simple Choice, and legacy rate plans.

If you really need more than that data, you can still purchase high-speed worldwide LTE data for an additional $25.

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Traveling to Canada or Mexico as a T-Mobile customer previously meant having unrestricted access to your high-speed 4G LTE data, just like you would at home.

Go from NY to Canada, or from California to Mexico; it's just like going from Idaho to Texas, from Georgia to Kentucky.

Now in order to prevent "usage beyond the intent of the product", AKA a Netflix binge-watch while soaking up the sun in Cancun, the mobile carrier has announced that it is doing away with unlimited LTE on November 12. After you hit that 5GB data limit, you will be throttled to barely usable 128Kbps speeds, or 256Kbps for T-Mobile One Plus subscribers (this speed will still allow you sending texts on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but little else). To stop the users from using "beyond the intent of the product" a capping has been applied to the usage of the monthly 4G LTE data. You can also check overall data usage by dialing the short code #WEB# on your device.

T-Mobile has been known over the past few years to introduce new Un-carrier movements that provide benefits to the customer, differentiating itself from the competition. After the users have exceeded 80% of the 5GB limit, they will be sent an alert message from T-Mobile.