Monday Is Indigenous People's Day-Here's How You Can Celebrate

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Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day, the holiday on which his discovery of the Americas is celebrated, can be contentious issues.

The second Monday of October is recognized as Indigenous Peoples Day in Mount Pleasant, however, in other cities throughout the US, it is still celebrated as Columbus Day. "This gesture of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day is a very small step in apologizing and in making amends", L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin, told the Los Angeles Times.

However, not everyone in Utah is happy about it.

"We have all lived together for over 400 years and have had great respect for each others' culture and heritage".

More than 3,000 people RSVP'ed for the Indigenous Peoples Day event on the group's Facebook page, but an organizer pointed out that many of them are not local.

The Chicago World's Fair, which opened in the summer of 1893, was meant to commemorate Columbus's "discovery" of the new world.

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On the other hand, several cities have rejected proposals for them to proclaim Indigenous Peoples Day, including Cincinnati, Ohio, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When native populations were all but extinct from disease, the trans-Atlantic African slave trade was ramped up to fill this slavery void.

At a time when some communities were dropping "Columbus" from the October holiday in favor of Indigenous Peoples' Day, Cuomo, an Italian-American, suggested Italian-American heritage can be honored as well as Native Americans. If not, then both Christopher Columbus and the Native Americans would fall short of our present measures.

Critics have denounced Columbus Day for years, but recent racial tension has intensified the debate over Christopher Columbus and the Spanish colonization that followed his four voyages to the New World beginning in 1492.

So the Council should recognize Columbus Day and choose another day for the new holiday, perhaps the day before or after Columbus Day.

Obama's proclamation in 2016 struck a different tone, saying, "We must also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers". "If they're going to celebrate Columbus, we need to celebrate the fact that we survived Columbus", he said, the Washington Post reported.

The misconceptions about this day and who Columbus was are strong and widespread, Green said, but something as small as learning more about Native American history and recognizing the tragedy they faced can do so much to help.