'Morning Joe's' Mika Brzezinski to Cancel Book Deal Unless Harvey Weinstein Resigns

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'Well, can you just stand there and shut up, ' Weinstein allegedly told Sivan before completing the lurid act.

The HuffPo article alleges that the incident occurred ten years ago, when Sivan was a news anchor on a NY local cable channel.

A friend of Sivan's who was with her that night confirmed details of Sivan's story and shared additional details about the night. "Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his trousers, and they walked back into the kitchen".

A friend of Sivan's who was interviewed for the article and who was there at Socialista on the night told HuffPo that she'd said to Sivan that if she didn't come back from her trip with Weinstein in 10 minutes, she'd come looking for her. She said she had gotten near "the end zone" once, only to bump up against the ultimate silencer: "fear".

She called for Weinstein to "resign from his companies, face his sickness, and go into a long, self-imposed exile".

Sivan added that she remained quiet publicly, as she was in a long-term relationship and afraid of Weinstein's power.

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Harvey Weinstein, who is in the middle of a very fast-growing scandal of sexual harassment and generally disgusting behavior towards women, now must account for another bomb that just fell: an accusation that, about a decade ago, he sexually harassed and masturbated in front of a TV anchor. "Others did. Keep that in mind".

Lisa Bloom, the prominent women's rights attorney, announced that she had resigned as an adviser to Weinstein after having counseled him on how to deal with the allegations.

Once they got to the restaurant's kitchen, Weinstein sent away a few employees who were cleaning up.

As soon as the two friends left, Sivan recalled what happened.

Sivan said Weinstein called her office the next day while she was at work. Weinstein mentioned that he was going on a foreign trip and asked if Sivan wanted to get together when he got back.

Brzezinski, who signed a July book deal with a Weinstein company, declared she would not honor her contract unless the Oscar-winning movie mogul is gone. On Friday, the Weinstein Company said its co-founder would be placed on an indefinite leave of absence and said it would hire a prominent law firm to investigate the charges.