Trump to Announce Plans to "Decertify" Iran Nuclear Deal

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The Trump Administration has frequently criticized Iran's conduct in the Middle East.

Trump will give a major foreign policy speech on October 12, in which he will blame Iran for fuelling terrorism and causing instability throughout the Middle East.

It could also lead to the reimposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran, which would scrap the deal that the United States and five other nations reached in 2015 to limit the Islamic theocracy's nuclear program.

The Washington Post also quoted sources in the Trump administration yesterday saying: "President Trump is expected to announce next week that he will decertify the global nuclear deal with Iran".

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Trump is also expected to roll out a broader us strategy on Iran that would be more confrontational.

He said Iran had "violated so many different elements, but they've also violated the spirit of that deal".

Mattis suggested not leaving the agreement on Iranian nuclear program, since there is now no evidence of violations by Tehran and it meets the interests of Washington.

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The deadline to re-certify the deal is October 15, but officials told CNN the president intends de-certify, meaning the issue would go to Congress.

Reporters asked the president what he was talking about, what storm was coming.

If he declines to certify Iran, then the Congress will have the option to re-impose sanctions on Iran, which would effectively end the deal.

The president addressed the reporters and said, "You guys know what this represents?"

Here's to hoping Trump has no idea what the phrase "calm before the storm" means.

Trump left reporters in the dark after the foreboding remarks to sit down for an expensive White House meal, with peaceful classical music playing behind him. If he does not, US sanctions lifted under the deal could be reinstated.

Trump spoke of the challenges the country was facing in North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan as well as the ongoing fight against ISIS.