Donald Trump was critisized for deleting his tweets supporting Luther Strange

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Mr Trump offered his own congratulations to Mr Moore, urging him in a tweet to "WIN in Dec!" He also had the backing of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the Senate Leadership Fund pumped $7 million into the race.

Moore said in his victory speech that he still supports President Trump. It wasn't enough - the final result was about 55 percent for Moore, 45 percent for his opponent.

The former chief justice is favored to win against Jones in the December election, as no Democrat had been elected to the Senate in Alabama since 1992.

'Given Roy Moore's track record of flouting laws and attacking the civil rights of LGBTQ people across our state, we already know he won't stand up for all Alabamians when it matters most, ' said Eva Kendrick, the Human Rights Campaign Alabama state director. The first time was in 2003, when Moore refused to remove a Ten Commandments display from the lobby of a state courthouse.

State conditions may have contributed to Moore's upset. Both men were vying for the Senate seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions when he took over as attorney general.

STEVE BANNON: And you're going to see in state after state after state people that follow the model of Judge Moore that do not need to raise money from the elites, from the crony capitalists, from the fat cats in Washington D.C., New York City, Silicon Valley.

Unusual was the only candidate who lost the election after having been endorsed by President. He explained, "Together we can make America great".

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GREENE: Well, in listening to themes like that, it makes me wonder, like, is this an Alabama story or is this a national story? The Human Rights Campaign had especially harsh words for Moore.

The president regularly deletes tweets with typos and misspellings.

Despite some of the controversial topics Moore has been known for, the general consensus is that he has a very dedicated and active voter base that show up at the polls on voting day.

Luther's loss isn't just a loss for himself - it's a serious loss for Trump and McConnell as well. That could in practice reduce the GOP majority by one.

"Last night was a huge win for the conservative movement, a great awakening", McDaniel said in a statement provided to CNN. It's possible that after the midterms a small Trump Caucus opposed to leadership might emerge. "Moore favors criminalizing abortion and homosexuality". The election comes the same day a third major GOP push to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed, with Senate Republicans pulling a bill they'd sought to pass this week. But, as I said, I think this ... could set off a new level of insane, in terms of the political environment at least for the Senate seats.

It's possible that Moore will be Senator Moore in a few months.

But Trump felt beholden to unusual, who has supported his agenda during his few months in the Senate.