Air France flight makes emergency landing post engine failure

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Despite losing one of its 70,000 lb thrust engine, the redundancy of the other three engine enabled a safe landing of the aircraft, which was carrying 497 passengers.

"The regularly trained pilots and cabin crew handled the incident perfectly", Air France said in a statement. A super jumbo A380 ofAir France which acted as a liaison Paris-Los Angeles, had made an emergency landing in Canada. “The passengers are now being assisted by teams dispatched to the location.”.

Audio of the Air France "super mayday" after one of its engines blew over the Atlantic Ocean has been released.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating after a California-bound airliner operated by Air France was forced to land in Labrador due to engine troubles.

The passenger, Miguel Amador, posted online brief video footage apparently filmed from a window of the plane showing the damaged engine.

The aircraft was flying at 37,000 feet and had just crossed Greenland when the engine failure happened.

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Fire crews met the plane on the tarmac, though CBC reports they weren't needed.

The aircraft landed safely at 8:42 a.m. Saturday Pacific time, the airline said, and passengers are being rerouted from the remote Goose Bay airport. However, the flight was late by almost 90 minutes from its scheduled departure time of 10.10 am from Paris.

A photo of the damaged engine on Air France flight 66, taken by passenger Rick Engebretsen.

The plane's engines were manufactured by Engine Alliance, a joint venture between General Electric Co.

Passengers reported that they heard the explosion in the engine which caused the plane to vibrate, leaving passengers in shock, but none of them were harmed.