Quick read: Aberdeen weather stations offer extra Hurricane Irma forecasting

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High-resolution images from satellites and the dramatic "hurricane hunter" flights into the category 5 storm get all the glory.

We are continuing to monitor Hurricane Irma around the clock and will provide you with any significant track changes.

In a posting made to both its Facebook and Twitter channels, the team in Mount Holly advised anyone with friends and family in South Florida to encourage them to listen to advice from local officials with regard to evacuation orders.

Depending on how the hurricane shifts, central Alabama could be looking at wind gusts of 25-35 miles per hour and one to three inches of rain, mainly in the eastern portion. But if the trough is weak and stays farther north, Irma could turn later in its journey and move up through the center of Florida or along its west coast, minimizing the storm surge risk (because its strongest winds would be blowing offshore).

After passing through the Caribbean, Irma is on track to make landfall as a "major hurricane" in Florida on Sunday morning, before tracking up the coast towards the Carolinas. Typically, weather balloon launches occur every twelve hours.

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The area can expect rain next week, likely Wednesday, the weather service said.

The balloons rise to 80,000 to 100,000 feet before deflating and slowly falling downwind, the office said.

The extra launches will continue until Irma leaves US soil or weakens.

Serr said weather patterns will shift locally as the hurricane progresses toward the U.S. More data, she said, means more precise weather-modeling and more accurate forecasting for the area that will be hit.