Signs you injured your eyes by looking at the eclipse without glasses

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"I had a patient this morning who was concerned that she looked at the sun too long", said Dr. Robert Hersman at Hopkins Eye Clinic.

Chou also notes that it is impossible to go completely blind from staring at the eclipse, but you can become legally blind. Some viewers of Monday's eclipse said they are anxious about vision loss too and asked how you would know if the eclipse damaged your eyes. However for some watchers, questions over eclipse glasses, and their own vision remain. If you didn't wear proper protection, other possible signs of damage include blurry vision, light sensitivity, or spots or "holes" in your vision.

At Nashville's Vanderbilt University Medical Center, however, seven people were scheduled to see doctors with concerns from viewing the eclipse, Dr. Shriji Patel said.

Dr. Chiou says the damage can be temporary or permanent, and it can take as little as a month up to one year before you see any improvement.

Multiple warnings by almost every media outlet not to look at the sun during the Solar Eclipse Monday, but despite the warnings, people still looked up. Around them, at least three groups of other people were also watching, and from what he could see, they were all protecting their eyes. Damage-which can be permanent-can occur in a minute, and it doesn't need to be continuous, either.

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But if you did steal unprotected glances skyward, and especially if your eyes felt amusing or hurt a little afterward, you might be wondering how you'll know if you've done any long-term damage.

The retina absorbs harmful UV light when you look at the sun, triggering a reaction that damages the cells, Wilson said.

ABBA Eye Care tells News5 it can take several days for something like solar retinopathy to start causing damage. Most reports say looking at the eclipse for a split-second may be fine, but 10 to 20 seconds is pushing it.

It was only through separate eye exams later that both men learned they had permanently damaged their retinas. One way to check your vision: the Amsler Grid, which detects blurred vision or sun damage. There is typically no immediate way to know if you've damaged your eyes because the retina has no pain receptors. However, there were a few among the crowd who apparently didn't heed the plethora of warnings from scientists and doctors saying to never, ever look directly into the sun during an eclipse, and those people included President Donald Trump.