Ryan says Trump 'messed up' on Charlottesville, rejects censure

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Marina Dimitrijevic, executive director of Wisconsin Working Families Party, said in a statement that Ryan has ignored voters by refusing to hold a town hall for more than 650 days.

When asked by an audience member whether he would back censuring Trump, Ryan said he would not back such a measure, adding that the issue can not devolve into a partisan fight. "I had high hopes since you're the speaker and my congressional representative".

While Ryan said he wouldn't support censuring Trump, he gave his sharpest criticism to date of the president's comments in the wake of the rally where a woman protesting against the white supremacists was killed by a man identified as a neo-Nazi supporter. "What happened? How have you not been successful?"

To begin with, the "war on poverty" - which began in 1964 and not 1985, as Ryan claims - in fact resulted in a substantial drop in poverty rates. "We're waiting for the Senate to pass theirs", Ryan said.

The event was delayed for almost an hour as Trump spoke about his plans for the conflict in Afghanistan, which has been going on for almost 16 years. Trump said the nation will not offer "a blank check" and declined to say whether or when more troops might be sent. "I'm pleased with the decision".

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"We can not allow another safe haven for terrorists, Ryan said, adding that he does not want Afghanistan to become overrun with Islamic terrorists. We can and must do better".

Ryan called the issue "a test of our moral clarity".

"This young man is an unstable person", Ryan said of Kim. He was asked whether he would back the resolution. We know this because Paul Ryan periodically introduces budgets that envision huge tax cuts that result in slicing these programs to the bone.

"The options are not pretty options", Mr. Ryan said, adding that he was not only concerned about Pyongyang's nuclear missile tests, but its potential ability to sell the weapons. The poor are being marginalized and misaligned, in many ways because a lot of the programs that we have, well-intentioned as they may be, are discouraging and disincentivizing work. He is as good as we have any right to expect a TV journalist to be, and I had the sense that Ryan's spin was having the same effect on him that it was on me.

"In the wake of Charlottesville, Democrats and Republicans alike have been moved to reject the president's ambivalent and wholly inadequate response to acts of domestic terrorism." said a statement from Nadler's office. Ryan helped in negotiations with the Taiwanese company and has joined with Trump and others in touting the news as transformational for Wisconsin's economy.