Google's Chromebook Pixel 3 could be here sooner than you think

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A new rumor suggests a few other devices should be unveiled at a hardware event in the fall, including a miniature Google Home and a brand new Chromebook. Apparently, the search giant has plans to announce an all-new Chromebook Pixel.

Apart from the codename Bison, the announcement of a Chromebook Pixel was thought to be nothing but hot air, until the latest report. The last time the search company released a Chromebook Pixel was back in 2015 and if this materializes, it should be great for users of the current model wishing to upgrade to a newer and more powerful version.

GOOGLE LOOKS to be getting ready to capitalise on the success of Amazon's diminutive Echo Dot with a smaller version of its Google Home rival. With not two, but four potential products launching under Google's banner, the company will be having quite a busy quarter. Details are scarce, including whether or not this is the fabled laptop that would run Andromeda, the long-rumored cross between Android and Chrome OS.

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Today's report also claims that Google is prepping a mini version of the Google Home.

At the moment, details of the specs and features of both the Chromebook Pixel and Google Home mini are still unknown.

As for the new Pixel smartphones, two new models are expected: a refresh of the original Pixel smartphones released past year, and a larger "XL" model with extra features. While it will be smaller than the existing Google Home, it may also be cheaper and reduce the number of features that will be carried on the device, much like the Echo Dot. That system was supposed to be a convertible PC with a tablet mode, a 12.3-inch display and an optional Wacom stylus, but there's no certainty that this design is the one that launches.