Google unveils Allo for Chrome, exclusively for Android users

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Google Allo, the company's chat application, is now available on the web for desktop users.

It's possible that Allo for Web might remain a messaging client for quite some time, at least until Google Duo finds itself on the web. Google Allo for web is available in the Chrome web browser.

Once you scan the code, Allo should sync up with your Android phone and get you up-to-date on conversations within the browser.

Because the web version merely mirrors what's on your mobile device, if your phone runs out of battery and dies, you'll no longer be able to use the Allo web app. The iOS app now doesn't support the same functionality though Google promised that won't be the case for long. However, there's no official word if the app works with other browsers. He further suggests to download and install the latest version of "Allo" on Android before actually trying out the "Allo for Web".

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Limited testing reveals that much like with WhatsApp, your smartphone will need to be connected to the World Wide Web in order for the browser version of Allo to work. You'll also need to pair the service with Google Chrome with a simple QR scan, and after that you'll be good to go. All of your conversations will now pop up on the screen, be showing a status that you're signed into it.

Google first teased that Allo, its messenger app with built-in Google Assistant, would come to the desktop last February. Amit Fulay, Allo's head of product, later said in July that the web version would launch in a "few more weeks". Then you will need to open Allo on your Android Phone. Allo users can also animate the emojis by just touching and holding the send button. This means Allo users can read/send messages or chat with the Google Assistant on a bigger screen.

How does Google Allo for web work? Google Allo is now live on the web.