U.S. attorney general to face questions on Comey firing, Russian Federation

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has confirmed that he will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week to testify over his dealings with Russian officials, the media reported.

A number of members are concerned Sessions may be attempting to avoid testifying in public by scrapping his previously scheduled Senate and House Appropriations appearances this week, where he was expected to be grilled on issues related to the federal investigation into Russia's efforts to influence the United States election, several sources say. Sen. Mr. Leahy is the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, as well as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Justice Department. Warren said she is looking forward to finding out more about Sessions' role in Comey's firing, although the White House suggested Sessions could invoke executive privilege during his testimony depending on "the scope of the questions".

Senator Ron Wyden of OR, a Democrat who also sits on that panel, said the American public had the right to hear the attorney general's answers. Sessions will get questions five days after former FBI Director James Comey´s testimony, who at the public hearing before the Senate accused the USA government of slandering him after his layoff on May 9.

As for the timing of his recusal, Comey said the FBI expected the attorney general to take himself out of the matters under investigation weeks before he actually did. He did not elaborate. DOJ says the attorney general reminded Comey about the DOJ policy.

Two days ago, the also Secretary of Justice communicated that decision by a letter, which will be part of an investigation on alleged Russian meddling in the November 8´s elections and collusion with US President Donald Trump's campaign.

Sessions has been dogged by questions about possible additional encounters with the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. Lawmakers who want to ask about Russian Federation will have the chance to question other top officials at various points in coming days.

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MARTIN: Jeff Sessions was supposed to be testifying this week about the Justice Department budget. Comey also complained, Rachel, that Sessions was not responding appropriately to his complaints that the president was leaning on the Federal Bureau of Investigation director. Look for the Russian Federation investigation to get mentioned in a variety of tangential hearings this week.

Sessions' appearance before the intelligence committee is an indication of just how much the Russian Federation investigation has shaded his tenure.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday an announcement would come "when the president is ready to make it".

Several Republican lawmakers also criticized Comey for disclosing memos he had written in the aftermath of his private conversations with Trump, calling that action "inappropriate". In March, it was his contention on Twitter that he was "wiretapped" by the Obama Administration.

In his testimony, Comey said he had asked Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump following meetings where he said Trump had asked Comey for his loyalty. We'll see whether the President stands back, or leans forward on Russian Federation this coming week.