Niece of France's Le Pen held as rising star quits politics

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The party is far from over at National Front HQ in Paris, despite Marine Le Pen's mauling in French presidential election. She is one of two lawmakers in the outgoing lower house of parliament affiliated with the party.

In her letter, she wrote that "you know my history, you know that the political world has been mine all my life".

Marion was quoted by Le Parisien as saying she made a "personal choice" to "change her life" and live privately.

"I am not giving up for ever on this political battle", she added. Marine Le Pen did what she set out to do: bring the National Front into the mainstream. emilyrs reports from Paris: The Atlantic (TheAtlantic) May 8, 2017 Marine Le Pen claimed over 11 million votes and has wiped out the Socialists and the Republicans.

During the presidential election campaign, 48-year-old Marine Le Pen had tried to extend her party's appeal to a wider base and had stepped down as party leader.

Marechal-Le Pen, who was pushing for a harder party line than her aunt on immigration and national identity, isn't closing the door on a return to politics.

After losing to Macron on Sunday, Le Pen said she wanted to transform the party, while other party officials said an alternative name was being considered.

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Analysts say she takes more of a hardline position than her aunt.

French far-right presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen is greeted after casting her ballot in Henin Beaumont, France, Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Marechal-Le Pen said in a letter published in a regional newspaper Tuesday that she won't run for re-election in June to represent her southeast Vaucluse district.

Marechal-Le Pen is regarded as more traditional and conservative than Marine Le Pen.

Speaking to Le Figaro, he called his granddaughter's move "a desertion".

This will create a great disappointment.

Political expert Joel Gombin said of her decision: "This raises a lot of questions on how the party will evolve".