Mom records Kangaroo attacking 9-year old girl at Alabama zoo

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A 9-year-old was attacked by a kangaroo while visiting a safari park in Alabama this weekend.

The family had been to Harmony Park Safari many times before, but they had never seen the kangaroos.

She was only centimetres from the captive roo when her three-year-old sister reached through the wire fence, causing the Australian native to lash out and grab Cheyenne by the hair.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital and had to receive 14 stitches in her head. You can clearly see it or pet it or it could touch you, which makes you feel more, like, safe.

Jennifer was taking cellphone footage of her daughters interacting with the kangaroo when the animal struck Cheyenne. "It would have hurt her even worse".

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"I was like, Yay!" She thought the kangaroo was only "playing" when the animal walked up to the fence.

There are signs on the cage that warn the kangaroo bites, but Jennifer says the park needs a better barrier to prevent contact with animals. There are also two plaques on the fence that say "I bite".

We went to Harmony Park Safari and were told by an employee the owners do not want to comment. At the entrance of the Kangaroo Trail exhibit, there are signs posted showing a state law as a warning to customers that they take their own risks when visiting an agri-tourism business.

Cheyenne's mother says she isn't telling anyone not to take their kids to the zoo.